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Downton Abbey Eiderdown

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The Downton Abbey Eiderdown

In May of 2013 the English Eiderdown Company was commissioned to produce a vintage design eiderdown to be used on set of the hit series Downton Abbey!

In October 2013 we were all thrilled to see our lovingly created original English Eiderdown on the television in Episode 6 of the Downton Abbey Series 6.

Downton Abbey Eiderdown

During the episode we can see our Amber Design Eiderdown being used on the bed in the Dower Bedroom set, with non other than the wonderful actress Dame Maggie Smith who plays the part Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham. Also with actor David Robb, who plays Dr Clakson in the series, standing at her bedside.

After producing hand made traditional eiderdowns in authentic vintage designs for over 50 years it was a wonderful moment for all of us at English Eiderdown Company and Keys! We are all very proud to see one of our eiderdowns in such a prestigious setting.

We are all looking forward to seeing the drama unfold in Downton Abbey and maybe one day seeing our English Eiderdown on screen once again!

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